I joined my friend Dr. Nancy Synderman on the Today show on Thursday.The interview gave us a great opportunity to debunk common breast cancer myths and to discuss new developments in breast cancer research and treatment. If you missed the show, you can watch it here. Let me know what you think!

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2 Responses to Dr. Love on The Today Show!

  1. joelmaners says:

    Great show! The only 2 things I would add, most women think that bc always presents itself as a lump.That’s not true with inflammatory bc. Also, I like what you said about taking your time in making decisions. The problem is, many small town surgeons pressure women into getting mastectomies as soon as possible. Women need to know that they need to go to a surgeon who either specializes in breast surgery or barring that, devotes 50% of their practice to breast surgery. It makes a world of difference in the level of care you receive. I have rarely heard physicians mention this though. I guess they just don’t want to come across as bad mouthing general surgeons. Again, Great show. Thanks for all you do to help people understand bc.

  2. pameee says:

    Thank You for being such a great advocate for BC. You make all the medical jargon easier to digest. Cure it, Damn it.

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