As those of you who got to be there know, MAMMOJAM was MAMMOFABULOUS!  I couldn’t have imagined a better night. Dancing with the Stars Jonathan Roberts and Louis Van Amstel taught the crowd some amazing dance moves. And if you have doubts as to whether I truly could Dance with the Stars,  ABC News was there to film it all and here’s the proof!  This Foundation fundraising event was the brainchild of television writer/producer and breast cancer survivor Lissa Levin Guntzelman. Thank you, Lissa! You are amazing!

And if you took some great pics, please email them to the Foundation. We’d love to see them, and we may just post them on our website!

Although the fun is gone, the thrill of donating still remains! Donate TODAY!

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One Response to MAMMOFABULOUS 2010

  1. Lissa Levin Guntzelman says:

    I don’t go a day without someone bringing up Mammojam – what a great time they had, how the friends they brought loved it; or someone telling me they are kicking themselves for missing it, that they heard from someone who was there that they had, not just a great time, an incredibly fabulous time. How wonderful for people to have this much fun while supporting a cause – and a Foundation as worthy as yours.

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