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Liz Lieu is a professional poker player born in Vietnam and raised in Colorado. Nicknamed the Poker Diva by fellow poker players, Liz is considered by her peers to be one of the top big stakes cash game players in the world. With her rise to fame and success, Liz began donating her time and a percentage of her winnings to charitable causes giving her personal fulfillment that she considers priceless.

On September 5, Liz Lieu will play in the World Poker Tournament Foundation Ladies’ Night Invitational and donate her cash winnings to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. DSLRF spoke with the Poker Diva to find out why.

DSLRF: You support so many worthy causes. Why did you choose the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation to benefit from your WPT Ladies Charity Invitational play?

“Someone who is very dear to my heart had breast cancer. She was young and it was heart breaking to see her go through the ordeal.  She didn’t deserve it. No woman deserves to get breast cancer. I would love for someone to come up with a way to find a preventative cure for it.”

DSLRF: What do you think causes breast cancer?

“I think breast cancer is generally genetic but there must be other factors involved. More and more women seem to be getting it these days.  I believe that stress probably plays a role.  When people are stressed and unhappy, it wears not only on your mind but your body as well. “

“My mother had to go in for tests and thankfully, she was okay, but hearing the word ‘cancer’ creates so much fear. Fear makes you lose strength and motivation. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with the love of family and friends.  Women feed off of emotion and love; if everyone worked to share love and knowledge, there wouldn’t be so much stress.”

DSLRF: What advice do you have for women with breast cancer and for those who have someone dear to them who is fighting breast cancer?

“The Number One thing is for women to stay strong and be determined. Women have a hard time to stand up for themselves, especially when there’s fear. That’s why we need to surround them with love, uplift their spirits and give them moral support. As long as we’re determined, anything is possible. I’ve seen miracles happen when people have received so much love from those around them.  A loving and strong support system will extend your life.”

DSLRF: Why is supporting the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and other causes so important to you?

“Some people are more fortunate than others.   I am lucky and blessed to be given the opportunity to do charity work.  I can’t help everyone, but it brings a smile to my face to know I’ve helped just one person. Women need to support each other because we don’t get enough of the kind of support we need from men. I give every woman out there with breast cancer my support and love.”

DSLRF: Finally, Liz, what would a future without breast cancer look like?

“Are you kidding? That’s an easy one. When there’s no breast cancer, women will rule the world!”

Visit Liz on her website at or see her on Facebook.  For more information on the WPT Foundation Ladies’ Night Invitational, go to or visit them on Facebook.


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6 Responses to A Future Without Breast Cancer Is In The Cards

  1. Trudy Rideout says:

    Good luck to you and the Susan Love Research Foundation at the September 5th tournament. Your commitment to the Foundation is admirable and understandably based on the experience of a dear friend. I am soon to have a biopsy on a second lump in the same breast after 9 years. Your words are appreciated and encouraging. Thank you.

  2. MJ says:

    Thank you so much for your charity work Liz. There will be many of us wishing you luck in your next tournament. I feel we are getting very close to a cure and all donations help this very worthy cause. Stay healthy!

  3. Mimar says:

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