Recent Closed Study:

The “At-Home Support for Rural Women Using Group Video Calling” study investigated whether a professionally led breast cancer support group that uses video calling, and which women can take part in from their home, is feasible, useful, and satisfactory for breast cancer survivors in rural California. The study opened to the Army of Women on February 13th 2013.  When the research team closed enrollment on November 4th, 2013, the Army of Women had provided them with 23 women interested in the study.

Large Recruitment:

The purpose of the “Breast Cancer Risk Assessment in Nursing Mothers” study is to analyze biomarkers found in breast milk from women who are breastfeeding. The research team wants to learn more about biomarkers that may be linked to breast cancer risk and the effect that breastfeeding has on these biomarkers.

The research team requested 200 participants for their study. To date we have provided them with 774 women willing to participate in their research study.  204 women signed up for the study within 24 hours! The researchers were so enthusiastic about the response that they have decided to leave the study recruitment open to attract additional interested nursing mothers. Click here if you’re interested in participating.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Very good to hear. I just participated in the HOW study last night. It was emotional, but I know each participant makes a difference.

  2. Calico says:

    I’m participating in the “At-Home Support for Rural Women Using Group Video Calling” study and am finding it very helpful. I hope this study grows into a permanent program. I found out about the study through An Army of Women, which I LOVE. So glad to have found it!

  3. Sue Beem says:

    Terrific work! I hope that every member of the Army of Women finds ways to encourage others to join. Find a way in conversation to talk about the causes you support. Just memorize and pass it on. Make yourselves some calling cards that you can share with people you talk to. Tell people how good it feels to be part of the process. Find gatherings where you could talk to others about AOW and the Health of Women study and sign them up! If you have not volunteered for AOW, call the office and ask how you can get involved. Let’s build the AOW to its goal of one million participants. The more successful AOW is in finding volunteers for human studies, the more likely we’ll be able to convince researchers to give up their “rat addiction”. Convince your oncologists that women are angry about the collateral damage of breast cancer treatment. Encourage them to ask their patients to join studies. Quiz them on what they don’t know about what they are treating and what they personally are willing to do to counter the need for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and replace them with the knowledge of what causes of
    breast cancer and how to prevent it.

  4. Cynthia Harris says:

    I am a new resident in SoCal – San Dimas, previously living in Eureka, CA, age 72, and a triple-negative, stage 2, patient with Dr. Ellen Mahoney. It has been 3 years since my diagnosis, after lumpectomy, chemo & radiation. If there are any studies which I could be helpful with, please contact me. I currently have Kaiser-Permanente, with Dr. Debra Brocamonte, Oncologist in Baldwin-Park facility, and am being followed with blood work & mammos & check-ups.

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