It’s been a hot summer, and I’m happy that I’ve had time to enjoy a few days off here and there in cooler California to enjoy it. I hope you have too!

August is a month of transition, with vacations winding down and schools starting up.  Here at the Foundation, we’re experiencing quite a bit of transition as well, as we prepare to renovate and expand our office space. By the end of the year our space will have doubled in size!

This new space is necessary because the Foundation is expanding at a record pace. To guide our growth, we’re hiring five new employees—a research director, a clinical research manager, an epidemiology study manager, a public relations and communications manager, and a development manage—to oversee the Foundation’s research projects, establish the Health of Women study, broaden our funding base, and expand our public and media visibility.

We’ve also added three new members to our board of directors and are in the process of recruiting two more.  We are excited to have expertise in finance, management, and research and clinical work represented on the board, and the two new members will add to our fundraising and board development capabilities.

All of this is possible because of the amazing staff we currently have as well as the tremendous support you give to the Foundation all year round.  Some of the ways you can continue to do this include:

Thank you for your support. Knowing that we have women and men like you counting on us to move breast cancer research forward is an amazing feeling!

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  1. Carol Kleba says:

    What happened to the Dr. Susan Love particicpation in the Pepsi Contribution program. For the past 2 days, I cannot find it listed.

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