Every month in 2010, Pepsi is giving away $1.3 million to fund good ideas, big and small, that make the world a better place. The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is in the running for $250K and we need YOUR support this December.

Winning will allow us to launch a campaign that will change the face of breast cancer research by getting ALL women enrolled in the Army of Women.

How are we going to do it?  We will use the grant from Pepsi to launch a mobile campaign that will allow women to use text messaging to sign up for the Army of Women. Our goal is to reach hundreds of thousands of  minority women and get them involved in our amazing initiative. We will also create a print PSA campaign that will tell women everywhere how to send a text message to join the Army of Women.

To build our Army of Women, we need YOU!  We can’t win, without your help. VOTE FOR US TODAY!

You can vote for us three times every day. You can vote:

  1. Online: Register at www.refresheverything.com, and then vote for the Army of Women by going to www.refresheverything.com/beyondacure.
  2. On Your Phone: Text 103297 to “73774” (PEPSI) every day. (Standard text messaging rates apply)
  3. On Facebook: Learn how here.

You can vote each way, once-per-day!  Tell all your friends to vote too! Voting ends December 31.

Vote for the Army of Women TODAY!

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One Response to We Can Still Win $250,000! Vote for us TODAY!

  1. Christine Carrico says:

    I was diagnosed with “Invasive Ductal Andelcarcinoma ” Breast Cancer on October 20,2010. I have already had two surgeries. I am in pain all day every day. I do not have medical insurance and I need help taking care of myself. I only get $661.00 a month and I am expected to live off of that.
    I would love to see someone live off of that a month with the way breast cancer is so expensive and I can’t even have any money for other household items that I need. I need some help finding out where there are financial grants out there in my area of Tupelo, Mississippi area. I live in a small town not far from Tupelo. Please email me at:
    pandalvr1125@aol.com if anyone knows anything about financial grants for breast cancer patients.
    Thank You so much, And… Sorry for signing your guestbook like this but I thought if I did I as a breast cancer patient would get some reponses.
    Thanks a bunch, Hugs & Kisses,
    Christine Carrico

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