Our thoughts go out to all the family members and friends of Elizabeth Edwards, who died of breast cancer on December 7, 2010.

Elizabeth Edwards first learned she had breast cancer in 2004. In March 2007, she was diagnosed with a recurrence after cancer was found in her rib cage. At that time, she publicly explained that her cancer was metastatic and no longer curable, though it could be managed with treatment.

Elizabeth Edwards lived a high-profile life in the public spotlight. She used her fame to help educate women about breast cancer, and in her memoirs courageously discussed her experiences as a mother with cancer and as the outspoken wife of presidential candidate John Edwards. She was a role model for many women living with metastatic disease. She will be greatly missed.

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One Response to Elizabeth Edwards Dies of Breast Cancer

  1. Janet says:

    All of us w/ breast cancer loose a little part of ourselves every time a woman dies of this disease. The press did not release the type of breast cancer such as progest/estrogen sensitive etc. Would help to know this and the press to stress the different kinds.

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