On Tuesday, I took part in an Army of Women Q & A interactive webinar with Dr. Catherine Carpenter, who discussed her study, “The Effects of Weight Loss on the Local Breast Environment.”

One of the primary goals of the Army of Women is to build relationships between women and researchers. I’m proud that the Army of Women stepped up to help Dr. Carpenter recruit women for her study. And it was great to have her come to the Foundation offices so that we could videotape her presentation of her preliminary findings.

You can watch the recorded video and follow the webinar Powerpoint presentation here.

Let me know what you think of the results!

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One Response to AOW Interactive Webinar Shares Research Results

  1. Lin says:

    The giggling was offensive and unprofessional and took away from the information, as well as the amateur presentation. U should really try to present yourselves in a more palatable & professional manner. Humor has its place, but both dr’s came off as giggling nerds – talking away from the important message in their research.
    My comment is blunt, but truthful from my perspective. I am a local follow of Dr. Love and would like to meet with her.

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