The California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) provides funding for innovative breast cancer research in California, and the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is fortunate to be a recipient of a CBCRP grant.

The impact of the CBCRP’s research–which includes topics such as environmental exposures, disparities, psychosocial impacts, tumor biology, and more–fuels changes in how breast cancer is dealt with nationally and internationally. Now, the future of this program is in jeopardy.

In order to save money, the University of California Office of the President (UCOP), the administrative home for the CBCRP, has decided to gut the CBCRP. They are planning to transfer the funding of breast cancer research to a small, generic “Grants Central” unit and essentially eliminate the planning, evaluation, and information dissemination functions.

Since its inception CBCRP has spent an average of 4.18% on administration and 7.89% on planning, evaluation, and dissemination. The rest, over $200M, has gone to innovative breast cancer research. The shift that is planned would eliminate the ability to fund the best breast cancer research, which is only possible by evaluating what has been done and planning for future projects. Dissemination and translation of research–getting the research results out to the community and providers–is essential to any ethical research funding program.

Take Action Now! Help save this critical program! 

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