Let me begin by sending a huge “Thank You” to everyone who took part in or supported the Fourth Annual Love Walk/Run on May 22!

The Foundation works in partnership with the Pacific Palisades Junior Women’s Club to hold this special fundraising event, and each year the Walk/Run gets bigger and better.  This year about 350 people—as well as lots of little kids in strollers—took part in the walk/run! And we raised more than $47,000 for the Foundation’s research program!

The Fourth Annual Love Walk/Run would not have been possible without our sponsors: City National Bank, Merrill Lynch, On Assignment, Rose Greene Financial Services, CareerBuilder, HUB International and Prudential Realty. I also would like to thank the food trucks Let’s Be Frank, The Hungry Nomad, and Del’s Lemonade, who not only served delicious food and drinks, but also generously donated a portion of their proceeds to the Walk/Run.

I also want to send my special thanks and congratulations to our top three individual fundraisers—Suzanne Trepp, Denise Root, and Eva Ilino—and to our top three fundraising teams—Merrill Lynch, Treppinators, and Women’s Physical Therapy. My own team wasn’t that far behind—we came in fourth. As you know, I have a passion for being first, and it’s not too late to make a donation in support of my team that will move me up the charts! You can make that donation here.

Last but not least, I want to extend my thanks to the staff of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation for all the time and energy they put in to making the walk so successful.

As you know, I’m the competitive type, and I’ve challenged myself to get even more people to take part in the walk/run next year. So, if you couldn’t make it this year, I really hope to see you there next year.

Think it’s too hard to walk/run a 5K? If you start now—by going for a walk on your lunch hour or after work or on the weekends, I know you can do it. And while you’re getting that exercise, you’ll be reducing your risk of developing breast cancer or having a breast cancer recurrence. Everyone has to start somewhere—a walk around the block, down the street, or around the park. And the more you do it, the better you’ll feel. Let me know how you’re doing!

PS—You can see some of the great photos we took at the walk here.

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