In between writing grants and getting annoyed at how the media report study findings that don’t really have much to say, I’ve been working on my dance moves in preparation for the Foundation’s Second Annual Love Jam! (previously called Mammojam), which is being held on September 22 at Club Rise in Hollywood.

If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, I hope you’ve bought your tickets and are getting ready to kick up your heels. If you haven’t, it’s not too late! You can buy your ticket here.

Not only will you get to dance the night away at one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood, but special celebrity guest Louis Van Amstel from ABC’s hit show Dancing With The Stars will be there to teach all of us some of today’s most popular dance moves.

Invite your girlfriends, boyfriends, mother, sisters, daughters, sons, husband, wife, partner, co-workers and neighbors. You can even start your own Love Jam team!

Don’t live in LA? You can take part by signing up to support my team, Dr. Love’s Groovy Gals who will be rocking the dance floor as they do their part to go beyond a cure. Or, host your own party! Put on some tunes, get your friends dancing, give a toast to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, and pass the hat in support of our groundbreaking research.

And if your friends ask, How do I know where my money will go? you can confidently tell them the funds raised through Love Jam will go directly to our groundbreaking research programs.

Remember the best way to prevent breast cancer or prevent recurrence is to exercise vigorously, and I can’t think of a better way than doing the twist or jitterbug or whatever YOU did in high school! So, break out those moves and let’s dance the night away! There’s money to be raised, fun to be had, and work to be done!

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3 Responses to Join Us for the Love Jam!

  1. Maureen says:

    “Best way to prevent bc or recurrence is to exercise vigorously”. I haven’t seen this conclusion before; what is it based on? It didn’t work for me.

  2. Maureen says:

    Sorry my comment was rude. I just watched your webinar Breast Cancer 101 and was WOWed by it. I was treated with the 1991 approach with a choice on type of surgery. It is amazing the changes that have happened. Many of us with bc/mbc are sure “stress” is a contributing factor, or have asked our doctors about changing our diets, losing weight, meditating, exercising but have not received any encouragement that any of the above would help protect against disease progression.

    Again sorry for the rude comment. Stage 4 isn’t much fun.

  3. Marilyn says:

    One of my support group members just sent me this news:
    “Penn State College of Medicine scientists have said that they discovered a virus that could kill all kinds of breast cancer within seven days of first introduction!
    Scientists at the Penn State College of Medicine said this week they have discovered a virus that is capable of killing all types of breast cancer within seven days of first introduction in a laboratory setting.” I checked it out on the Penn State website and the news is there as of today.
    I didn’t see a place to enter a new topic on this blog but hope you will follow up on this. The women in my group are metastatic and want a trial!

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