I’m beyond thrilled to tell you that we just learned that the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation was named the 2011 beneficiary of Project Pink by PUMA!

Thank you to each and every one of you who voted for us and tweeted every day! Without you, we wouldn’t be the proud winners of Project Pink!

As the beneficiary of Project Pink, we were awarded $103,500 which we will use to advance the innovative research and education programs that we have established to move us beyond a cure. Our goal is to determine what causes breast cancer and how to prevent it, and your votes and this award will help bring us closer to that goal.

And, of course, thank you to PUMA for establishing its Project Pink program, and for donating 100% of profits from the sale of its Project Pink Collection gear to breast cancer research for the second year in a row. And thank you to all six Women’s Professional Soccer teams for their support of the “Score a Goal Against Breast Cancer” program as well as to the golf athletes who rocked pink at a golf tournament to show their support and the men’s Major League Soccer players who kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing limited-edition Project Pink v1.11 boots. You all deserve a huge round of applause!

You can see actress and PUMA Project Pink supporter Nina Dobrev personally congratulating the Foundation here.

We are so grateful to Nina, Puma, and YOU!

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  1. Katherine Langley says:

    Please read my breast cancer story posted at (mammograms and dcis)

    There are entirely too many secrets about breast cancer.

    Katherine Langley

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