As I write, I’m on an airplane, returning home from a breast cancer prevention meeting where I spoke to scientists about the Foundation’s new initiative the Love/Avon Army of Women and what it can do for them. The more they learned, the more enthusiastic they became and, after my talk, a number of scientists told me about the new projects they are now thinking of starting because of the Foundation and its Army of Women!

One of the reasons I’m so excited about the Army of Women is that it will help scientists get their studies done more quickly and efficiently. But even more importantly, the Army of Women will allow researchers to design different types of studies and to ask different types of questions. In this way, the Foundation and the Army of Women will be changing the paradigm of science itself! And, for me, that is truly a dream come true!

To learn more about the Army of Women and to be a part of the effort to end breast cancer in our lifetime, click here.

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