What’s it really like to hear the words “you have breast cancer?” What’s it like to make treatment decisions? To tell family members and friends? To go through chemotherapy and radiation? To have a mastectomy? To take part in a clinical trial? To learn that you have had a breast cancer recurrence?

Sharing stories helps to build community and expand our understanding of breast cancer. You can read the personal stories others have already shared.

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  1. Karla says:

    I was 44 years old when I was first diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer in 2009. I chose a masectomy and was put on tamoxifin. I was in total shock and the bc really put my life in perspective. My recovery went very well and and after about the first year and half I thought that it was cured for good and I really had forgot about it.

    Then in October of 2011 I found a small lump on the scar and went to see my Oncologist. She had me see my surgeon to get the lump out. I found out two days before my son’s wedding that it was a recurrence of my cancer. I was shocked again, I didn’t think this was going to happen again, since I had only stage I and no spread of the disease the first time around.

    For round 2 of my cancer, I had my overaies out so I could go on Arimidex. I also had 33 rounds of radiation. I have had a very hard time emotionally this time then I did the first time. I keep thinking it’s going to come back, I just don’t know when. I’m not afraid of dying anymore, I just want to make sure I’m making the most of each day that I have. I have lots of joint pain throughout my body and going into menopause was also quite a blow to me.

    I checked into having reconstructive surgery just this past month, but it was way to complicated and I didn’t want to spend 6 months going through the process. I decided to to stop wearing the prothestics now too, I hated wearing them anyway. I figure I just look like a little girl now, so I don’t much care what anyone thinks about my chest. This is who I am and my new normal.

    I met a couple of women at radiation who were also going through bc treatment and we now get together every few weeks just to support one another as we journey through our new normals.

    I can’t believe the costs associated with both of my bc treatments. Thank God I have insurance, but between round 1 and round 2 the cost to treat my breast cancer was probably about $300,000.00. That would have bankrupted my family if we didn’t have the insurance, something has to happen with the price of health care, who can pay that out of their pocket.

    I hope the joint pain goes away because it is frustrating to me, I am a very active person, I walk, bike and have always done the work inside and outside of the house, I like to be active and to stay fit. I totally changed my diet, I’m a vegetarian and eat all natural food, no more frozen dinners for me! I feel fantastic other than the joint pain.

    I would like to know why there isn’t more information on recurrence. There seems to be only paragraphs about it. Will I get it again? What are my chances now that I’ve had a recurrence for it to come back again and when should I expect it? How will it come back if it does?

    I visit Dr. Loves web-site often because she is honest and does not sugar coat the nature of this diesease and I have her breast book too. Thank you for your great work and caring so much about this disease!

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