This morning I was a guest on the Today’s Show special series Confronting Cancer Today. We discussed advances in cancer research and treatment and then responded to viewer’s questions.

You can watch the first segment about cancer advances here.

And you can watch the segment where we answer questions here.

Have some additional questions you wish we had answered? Let me know, and we’ll answer them on our website.

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One Response to Thursday Morning: The Today Show!

  1. I am a breast cancer survivor, 2 yrs. 8 mo. out. I was er,pr, positive, her2 neg, grade 1 , stage 2 due to a microscopic sentinal node. Multifocal disease, all within mm of each other, largest 1.3 cm. They took 7 nodes and I had TCx4, bilateral mastectomy and am on Arimidex. Concerning the latest on microscopic nodes and metastic disease later, did i have enough treatment in your opinion? I asked about radiation and more nodes being removed at the time and was told it wasn’t necessary. No vascular or lymphatic invasion in final biopsy of mastectomy tissue. I will do anything to keep from revisiting this again. I felt at the time I had done all i could do. Now I’m not sure.

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