It’s the season of giving and being thankful, and at the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, we have so much to be grateful for, especially thanks to supporters like you.

We are grateful for your good thoughts and wishes for Dr. Love, who is doing miraculously well after a successful bone marrow transplant from her sister two months ago.  We expect her back at work after the beginning of the year, and she is looking forward to providing an update for our January newsletter.

We are thankful to have the Army of Women, over 370,000 strong and growing very day.  Thanks to our Army of Women members, we have been able to successfully recruit volunteer study participants  for 64 research studies from across the country, and have been able to fast track research like never before.  As one researcher recently told us, she was spending more than $1,500 per research subject and close to two years to recruit for her study.  Once she discovered the Army of Women, she was able to complete recruitment in a matter of months and spend only $68 per subject.  This is the power of the Army of Women and we all have so much to be proud of.  We are forever changing and shifting the breast cancer research paradigm.

We are humbled and amazed by the response we have received to the Health of Women Study, which was launched on October 1.  This is a project we have been working on for the last three years in collaboration with Dr. Leslie Bernstein and City of Hope Cancer Center.  We are so proud of the work we have accomplished as a team, and could not have done it without the support of our donors, and our Army of Women members.  We have close to 30,000 participants who have signed up and filled out the first questionnaire related to their health and well-being.  The Health of Women Study is for everyone, and it’s a great opportunity to be part of research by donating your personal health information through short, theme-based questionnaires that you have access to online or via mobile phone.  You can create your secure online account by visiting, which will give you access to all the available questionnaires.  We want to follow all types of wo(men), both with and without breast cancer, so we can identify new risk factors for the disease and to also study long term survivorship.  If you haven’t signed up already, I encourage all of you to sign up today.

And finally, we can’t do this work without our donors, our dedicated staff, and our board of directors.  It will take all of us to end breast cancer, and we need each of you to stay committed to our vision and our mission and continue to invest your dollars, invest your friends, and invest yourself so we can have a future without breast cancer.

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3 Responses to ‘Tis the Season for Giving and Being Thankful

  1. Cindy Wehmeyer says:

    Hello Naz,

    I just wanted to say thank YOU….and your Community Engagement team….MJ, Jennie, Stacey,….who I’ve been working with for the Colorado volunteer recruitment activities. These ladies are extraordinary….each so talented in their own skill sets and so genuinely considerate in their working relationships. Thank you for allowing them to work with me to shape Colorado’s DSLRF success; I look forward to meeting you in person someday.

    Thanks again!
    Cindy Wehmeyer
    DSLRF Colorado Volunteer Team Leader

  2. Gwen Ginocchio says:

    So glad to hear Dr. Love is doing well. Her book helped me so much. BC survivor diagnosed Sept. 2011.

  3. Jacqui says:

    so happy to hear dr love is doing well… she is a remarkable and caring woman. my husband and I had the pleasure to meet her at a seminar at NBCC in May of 2011. She was informative and helpful spending time with as many of us as she could to answer questions or to help allay our fears… I wish her continued health and recovery….. thank you dr love…

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