Now, you can create your very own online Act with Love donation page!  We are committed to shifting breast cancer research into high gear and focus on finding the causes and ways to prevent this disease. Together we are a force to be reckoned with – we can’t do it without YOU! Together we have the power to fuel and fast-track breakthrough research that will have an immediate impact on ending this disease.

Our new personal fundraising pages make it so easy to get the word out and raise money for this very important cause.  You can create a page in honor or memory of a loved one, in honor of your own fight, or create a page so that one day, no one will have to face this disease ever again!  Our new pages are quick to create and easy to personalize.  There is no cost associated with creating a page and there is no fundraising minimum.


Visit our personal fundraising main page, and select “Create a Fundraising Page”.  You will be prompted to create login information and language for your page as well as a few other details to make your page unique.  Once on your “My Headquarters” page, select “Start Here” to receive step-by-step instructions to finalizing the contents of your page.


The next step to a successful fundraiser is getting your network of friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of involved!  Here are few ways to gain donor and supporters to your page:

  • Email!  Using the “Email” tab on your headquarters page you can customize emails to your entire address book based on a template.
  • Activate your Social Network!  Engage in social fundraising by selecting anyone of the social networking icons listed on the bottom right side of your headquarters page.  You can use a prescript message or create a custom message of your own.
  • Celebrate a Special Event! Consider asking friends to donate in honor of a personal accomplishment like running a marathon or graduating from college.  Some fundraisers create events for special birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Go mobile!  Download one of the featured mobile “Fundraise with Friends” apps to keep up your fundraising efforts even while on the go!  These applications will allow you to manage your page by emailing or text messaging thank you notes and donation reminders to your supporters directly from your mobile phone.  Applications available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

ARE YOUR READY?  Begin your personal fundraising journey HERE.

For any questions on setting up your personal fundraising page, please visit the help directory or email


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