Action Requested: NBCC needs you to immediately contact the Representatives from your state and ask them to sign the letter to the conferees urging them to recede to the Senate language that funds the Department of Defense
Peer-Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program at $150 million for Fiscal
Year 2008.

Background: On October 3, 2007, the full Senate passed the Defense
Appropriations bill which contains language appropriating $150 million
for the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program (DOD
BCRP). You may recall that just before taking its August recess, the
House of Representatives approved a Defense Appropriations bill that
included $127.5 million for the DOD BCRP. Now the two bills must be
conferenced by members-conferees-from the House and Senate
Appropriations Committees to work out the difference.

NBCC is working with Representatives Lowey (D-NY), Davis (R-VA),
McGovern (D-MA) and Biggert (R-IL) who are circulating a letter urging
their colleagues to sign a letter to the Defense Appropriations
Conferees asking them to  keep the Senate funding level in the DOD
Appropriations bill and fund the DOD Peer-Reviewed Breast Cancer
Research Program at $150 million for FY 2008.

The deadline for getting signatures is Friday, October 19, so please
make your calls today!

If you get a commitment from a Representative, be sure to tell the
staffer to email Jean Doyle in Representative Lowey’s office to get
their member’s signature added to the letter. Also be sure to email
Sharon Ford Watkins to let her know your Representative will sign the

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One Response to NBCC National Action Network Needs Your Help

  1. rturizo says:

    Dr. Love – been to the site, submitted my letters and shared the link with my Breast Cancer Support distribution list of thirty + strong! Thank you for sharing the link in your newsletter I would not have found it otherwise and the fact that the letter is automated makes it easier for people to make a difference. I hope we got in under the deadline but thank God for the internet and email to spread the word!

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