I can’t believe it’s already February! Time seems to go especially fast when you have a lot to get done!

One of the biggest projects I’m working on right now involves the preparation for writing the 5th edition of my Breast Book. The 4th edition was published in 2005, and the new edition will incorporate everything that we’ve learned over the past four years and new approaches we are seeing in breast cancer prevention, detection, and treatment.

To that end, I’ve spent the last few weeks carefully combing through each chapter of the book to see what areas we need to update. And I’d love to hear from you! What would you like to see in the next edition? What did you find confusing? What do you feel your doctors didn’t tell you enough about? Please email your comments to editor@dslrf.org. Your comments and suggestions will play a vital role in ensuring that the 5th edition of the Breast Book does even better job of addressing the needs of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

I’m also in the midst of the final preparations for the Foundation’s  6th International Symposium on the Intraductal Approach to Breast Cancer, which will be taking place in Santa Monica on February 19-21. In conjunction with the Symposium, I am hosting a free Public Panel on Saturday, February 21 at 6:00pm at the Sheraton Delfina. The Public Panel will provide a unique opportunity to learn about advances in breast cancer prevention, detection, and treatment from a panel of breast cancer experts. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I hope you’ll join us. It’s going to be a great event! To RSVP for the Public Panel, email or call 310-828-0060, ext. 21.

And, of course, I’m doing everything that I can to recruit more women for Army of Women. To date, more than 266,000 women have signed up! Is there someone you know who you think would be interested in signing up? Send them an Army of Women email invite. Or, do you know a group that you think would make a great Army of Women affiliate? They can learn more about our affiliate program here.

Which brings us back to Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner. Are you looking for a unique gift for someone special? Have you considered giving them our Beyond the Cure pendant? It’s the signature necklace of the Army of Women. Or you could make a donation to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation in your loved one’s honor. It’s a great way to honor someone special in your life who is facing or involved in the fight against breast cancer.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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