That’s what this month has been like for me: one astounding moment after another.

As you know, on October 1, I launched the Love/Avon Army of Women on The Today Show with hundreds of women standing alongside me dressed in pink Army of Women T-shirts. We were a sight to behold! That evening, I was on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Wiilliams and the next day, I was featured on ABC World News. Then, it was on to a celebration of Army of Women with the thousands of New York Avon Walkers.

The enthusiasm and energy for this initiative were everywhere. By the time you receive this, there will be close to 250,000 women who have joined the Army of Women, putting us well on our way to our goal of one million volunteers. And the scientists are just as excited! Many have told me personally that they can’t wait to work with the Army of Women volunteers or to take part in an Army of Women Town Hall.

All of the media attention has been wonderful. But the hundreds of emails we have received in support of this effort and the hundreds of comments women have left on the Army of Women blog, like this one from Nancy:

Thank you for giving women an opportunity to help and support one another. Twenty-eight years ago my mother passed away from breast cancer and I see this as a wonderful opportunity for me to be a part of finding the cause and the cure for breast cancer. Thank you!

And this one from Kathleen:

First there were the Suffragettes, then the ERA. Now—The Army of Women! Oh, what we can accomplish together! GIRL POWER!! Thank you Dr. Love for taking this step.

Help us keep the momentum going! Tell your friends, co-workers, and family members about the Army of Women and get them to sign up today! We need ALL kinds of women: African American, white, Latina, Asian, old, young, lesbian, straight, married, single. We need everyone so that the research will reflect everyone! You can sign up for the Army of Women here.

Need a reason to sign up TODAY? Here you go: We will be sending out our first Call to Action study, Tuesday, October 28, in conjunction with my appearance on Good Morning America, where I will be talking about all of the amazing women who have signed up for the Army of Women and are ready and eager to take part in the research that will take us beyond a cure and end this disease.

I have no doubt it’s going to be another “Wow” kind of day!

Let the research begin!

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